Robust Tracking & Analysis of Legislative and Regulatory Policy
Relationship Building & Full-Service Advocacy
Business Development & Procurement of Government Contracts


Monitoring and Tracking Legislation and Regulations

We monitor all legislative introductions, subsequent bill tracking and committee agendas pertinent to each client. We also monitor the NYS Division of Administrative Rules for the introduction of regulations that may impact a client’s operations.

Enhancing Client Public Profile

We track all relevant public hearings, policy debates, political forums and related events that may provide unique opportunities for clients to enhance their public profile and network with legislators and other important public officials.

Consulting on Public Policy and Politics

We provide consulting advice regarding the interaction between policy and politics. We also provide updates on legislative and political matters that may affect a client’s business interests and objectives, and advise clients on political fundraising.

Developing Lobbying Materials and Client Advocacy Training

We assists clients in developing important lobbying materials, such as legislative memorandums and policy briefings, and also assists in shaping any necessary presentations associated with any lobbying campaign.

Scheduling Meetings with Elected Officials and Key Stakeholders

We work to create, develop and expand relationships with high-level contacts and allies by establishing meetings with relevant legislators, regulators, administration officials and other related stakeholders on a given issue.

Grassroots Organizing and Related Public Relations Campaigns

We work with organizations and businesses to design and implement targeted, related marketing and public relations campaigns that can have a real impact in shaping public policy.

Business Development

Many businesses don’t realize is that there are many forms of funding available through the government. Working with our team, we possess the knowledge and contacts to navigate the intricacies and layers of bureaucracy. Our team will identify the most consequential stakeholders, appropriate state and local agencies and target their offices.